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"Slow down" a voice from the backseat said.

"Abigail, the speed limit is 65 and I'm only going 70. Don't worry I won't crash your car." the driver said.

"Hey turn this up" Zoey said

"OH God Zoey, why do you listen to this crap" Abigail rudley said

Kristie (the girl driving) turned the music up.

"Shut up Abby or I will go faster"

I WANT IT THAT WAY" Zoey and Kristie sang or shouted in unison.

Julie turned it down a little. She was sitting in the passenger seat.

"What if you guys don't get tickets to the show?" she said

"Don't worry Jules, I ALWAYS get tickets" Kristie said in a not worried voice.

"I don't care what you two losers do" Abigail said "All I know is that I'm getting my groove on sometime during this trip."

"Ya, with some internet freak" Kristie laughed

"Abby, how do you know he is not a she?" Zoey said.

"What if he kills you?" Julie asked "We are not leaving you alone with him"

"We are driving 400 miles so I can meet Eric and you gals" Abigail pointed at Zoey and Kristie "can go and see the Backstreet Boys. I don't care what happens, I'm GETTING my groove on."

"Ya well, we're meeting this guy first" Julie said

Julie was the sensible one. She wanted to make sure they were all safe.

Abigail was the crazy one. She was the one who wanted to go to New Jersey to meet some guy off the internet.

Zoey was the quiet one.

Kristie was a little of all them. She organized the trip, made sure they had directions and hotel reseavation. She also made Abigail plan to meet Eric at a time when Backstreet Boys were going to be playing in New Jersey. But when she meets someone new, she is very shy.

Zoey and Abigail were reading in the backseat while Kristie and Julie were talking in the front.

"I'm bored Jules"

"Me too"

"Let's talk to people, figure out how much longer we have to drive."


Julie wrote 'Hi we're bored'.

"Wait for someone intresting Julie"

"I will"

Kristie and Julie had been best friends since the 7th grade. They knew Zoey but didn't become close to her until 9th grade. Julie met Abigail in History class in 9th grade. One night the four of them went to the movies and instantly became inseprable. Now in college they had gone their seperate way but remained very close.

"Look there's someone" Kristie said

Julie held the sign up. The people in the other car didn't see the sign.

"OOK" Julie said

"There's a guy driving by himself" Kristie said "Show him".

Julie held the sign up and when the guy laughed Kristie sped up and got in front of him.

Kristie and Julie laughed.

"What are you gals doing up there" Abigail asked

"We're talking to people" Julie answered

Suddenly the guy pulled up next to them.

"Hi I'm horney" Julie read the sign

"OOh draw some boobs" Abigail said "Give me the paper, I'll draw some"

The guy drove up in front of them. Abigail drew the boobs and put them up against the window.

"Pull up next to him" she said


They pulled up next to the guy and when he saw the picture he just laughed. Kristie drove up and got in front of his car.

When the guy finally drove past them, they saw a picture of a penis. They all laughed.

"Ask him where he's going" Kristie said

The drove for about five minutes until they got a chance to show the man the sign. When the guy saw it he just pulled up in front of them.

When he drove by them again his sign said 'Albany you?'.

"What should we say" Kristie asked "What if he follows us or something."

"Ya and he rapes us" Abigail said sarcasticly "Hello, Kris there are four of us and one of him, I'm sure we can take him."

"Besides, I have my mace" Julie said.

So they wrote NJ. When they passed him, they held the sign up and at the same time he had a sign up. His sign said 'Call me" and he held up his cell phone.

"We should" Julie said laughing.

"Your not using my cell phone"

"Come on Kris, it will be funny" Julie said


So when they passed him they held a sign in their window that said 'No cell'. After he read the sign he pulled his shirt up.

"HAHAHAHA" They all laughed.

"Well he's an old, hairy guy, isn't he." Julie joked

"Hey Abby, maybe you can get your groove on now." Kristie joked

"Shut up you bitch. At least I'm not a virgin"

"Is that a BAD thing"

"No, Kris you know I'm just joking"

"I know. I'm justing waiting til I'm in looove."

"I know Kris, I know"

A few minutes later he passed them again and his sign said 'I flashed you now you flash me'

"Jules, I will if u will" Abigail said

Julie thought about it for a second "Sure why not? We'll never see him again."

"Hopefully" Kristie said.

"What about you Zoey" Abigail said.

"Nope, now way"

"Come on Zo" Julie whined

"Nope, not doing this one".

So when they passed him again, he had a sign that said 'I'm getting off at the next exit.' When Julie and Abigail saw the sign they looked at each other and lifted thier shirts up. The man justed laughed and drove away. They never saw him again.

They drove for about 10 minutes before stopping at Burger King for some food and to switch drivers.

---2 hours later---

When they got to Wayne, New Jersey, it took a long time to find their hotel. They drove around in circles for about 30 minutes before they found their Holiday Inn. Kristie went into the office and checked in.

"What the hell is this?" Julie asked "Weren't we supposed to have two beds."

"Ya but the lady said since we were so late getting here this was the only room she had left." Kristie said in an 'I'm sorry voice'.

"I have to go call Eric and tell him we got here OK" Abigail said.

"Well I'm not sleeping on the pullout couch" Kristie said in a bitchy voice.

"I think we should draw for who gets to sleep in the bed and who has to sleep on the pull-out" Julie said

"Well Eric's coming over.....He should be here in 20min." Abigial said

Kristie ripped up a peice of paper and wrote 'bed' on two peices and 'pull-out' on the other two pieces. They all drew. Kristie and Abigail picked the bed while Zoey and Julie got stuck with the pull-out couch.

"Great" Abigail said in a sarcastic tone

"This should be funny" Julie joked.

"Kris, your ass better stay on your side of the bed. No funny stuff."

"Whatever Abby"

Of all four girls, Abigail and Kristie fought the most. Nothing big, just girl bickering. Kristie annoyed Abigail because she never thought before she spoke and Abigail annoyed Kristie because she was so stubborn.

They all got settled in but not too comfy, they were moving rooms the next day. Kristie was annoying Abigail by pullin the covers in the bed when suddenly Abigail ran into the bathroom. Then there was a knock at the door. When Julie opened the door they were all in shock.

Chapter 2