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Here you will find a list of TV Appearences. The newer
stuff that I have taped or recieved is at the top.

TAPE 8 B&B Concert 6/30/01 Albany, NY
The view Feb 6th 01
BSB perform anthem at the super bowel
Jay leno March 16th 01
Celb death math BSB Vs Nsync
Rosie odonnel show special Nov 2000
pre game show at much music Feb 6th 01
Who wants to be a millionnare BSB only

TAPE 7 The Today Show 10/22/01
The View 10/22/01
TRL 10/23/01
Nick Carter (young) videoís only a mother can show
AJ McLean (young) Hi Honey Iím Home
The Early Show 10/29/01
Drowning premiere
Whatís Going On premiere
United We Stand - National Anthem, SOMH
Larry King Live - America the Beautiful (in concert)
Rosie 11/19/01
The Eary Show part 2 11/19/01
ET - Aaron and Nick with Micheal Jackson

TAPE 6 Nick and Aaron at the Billboard Music Awards 2000
Kevin at the Kentucky Derby Party
Backstreet over Broadway 11/21/00
BSB Diary
BSB on TRL 2000
BSB Making the Video -Shape of My Heart
Best of BSB on MTV
American Music Awards 2001
BSB on Rosie 2000
Men Strike Back
Grammyís 2000
Rosie Backstage at the Grammyís with BSB 2000
Brianís wedding
BSB Hosting the Radio Music Awards 2000
Jay Leno 2001 - More Than That
TRL - Retirement Home 2001
CBS Special - Larger than Life
The Today Show - 7/2/01 (missing MTT)
News bites about AJ
MTV News All Access
Cribs - AJís house
European Music Video Awards 2000
MTV 100 Greatest Songs
Nick talking about Willa on MTV
MTV Video Music Awards 2001
World Music Awards 2001
Kidís Choice Awards 2001
Whatís Going on video
Kevin, AJ, Howie on Howard Stern

TAPE 5 Backstreet TV- MTV
Kevin at the Kentucky Derby
The One premiere
Ultra Sound
Great pop song - I Want it That Way
MTV News
Howie on Roswell
BSB on Howard Stern
MTV News One-on One
Grammyís 2000

TAPE 4 Making of Everybody-Everybody video
Europe Music Awards (98 I think) Giving an award, winning an award, Performing ALAYLM/ Everybody
Some Interview (not full)
Crush on you (Aaron Carter video)
MTV Video Awards 98 Performing Everybody
Hit List- wishing a marry x-mas
Somthing in Toronto from Jan 97-Just to Be Close, signing autographs
Much Music interview-Performing INBYH
Virgin Mega Store - Aug 97, QPGWMH, interview
Much Music interview
ALAYLM - Performed on a float for the parade
Disney World - ALAYLM, Christmas Time
Billboard Awards (98 or 99) - giving an award
Making of ALAYLM
Talking about a tour
Interview - 2/96
Some show -not sure which - Performing Weíve Got It Going On
Regis and Kathie Lee - ALAYLM
Nick- hit List
Aaron Carter video -Iím gonna miss you forever
Nick and Aaron interview
Howie, AJ, Kevin interview
Europe Music Awards 98 - winning an award
American Music Awards - Presenting an award
Much Music - interview
Aaron Carter video - Shake It
Let the Music Heal Your Soul video
Spice Girls talk about BSB
Iíll Never Break Your Heart video (Spanish version)
Aaron Carter Video - Surfin USA
Much Music - interview (from World Music Awards)
Interview - talking about not breaking up
Some football game - INBYH
Toronto - Album Sales
Rehearsals for MTV Video Awards
Much Music Awards 98 - Howie/AJ
Performing on Much Music - ALAYLM, 10,000 Promises
AJ/Howie interview

TAPE 3 Backstreet Boys The Video
Backstreet Boys live in Frankfurt
Intimate and Interactive - Much Music
INBYH Performance & Interview
Everybody video
Jay Leno - ALAYLM
American Music Awards Ď97 or Ď98
MTV Live 1/28/98 INBYH
All I Have to Give Video
Ricki Lake surprises - sings a little acapella
Rosie - QPGWMH
Sabrina the Teenage Witch
Regis and Kathie Lee - ALAYLM
The View - QPGWMH
Fox Kids
Home Team - QPGWMH
Aaron Cater Video - Crush on You
Performing on some show - ALAYLM
Big Help - QPGWMH
Disney - X-mas song
Achievement Awards - Get Down
Hit List - INBYH/Everybody
Media Conference
Virgin Megastore - QPGWMH
Keenen Ivory Waynes - QPGWMH
Ricki Lake - QPGWMH
Disney - ALAYLM/ Christmas Time
Some Interview
Carter Brothers Interview
Gossip Show info
Regis and Kathie Lee - QPGWMH
Parade - ALAYLM
Spring Break MTV

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