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Disney Chat Transcript with Nick

Yes! It's Nick Carter!

He's chatting with us today in the Zeethatorium!

guest-Sunflower1515 says: How old were you when you started in the music business?

Nick_Carter: I was about around 11 or 12 years old.

guest-zoogerkat24 says: How do you guys sing and dance at the same time? I mean, don't you get out of breath?

Nick_Carter: Yes we do.

Nick_Carter: Actually, I am going to admit that , when we had some down time to take care of business, I got a little chunky.

Nick_Carter: Now I am back to my normal self and I am not as out of breath as I was at the beginning of the tour.

Mclean28 says: do u think u will be comming to delaware for your 'Into The Millennium' tour?

Nick_Carter: I do not know exactly right now but, soon the dates will be shown.

guest-Witchiepoo56 says: i was wondering, are you guys left or right handed?

Nick_Carter: I am right handed.

guest-barbie424242 says: my naame is barbara from argentina and i want to know when you came to argentina? thamks i love so much

Nick_Carter: Argentina is most likely a part of the tour after America and I do not know exactly when we will be there yet.


Nick_Carter: Thank you and for a while I felt as if I didn't care how I looked but, sometimes it can start to get to you.

guest-luvnick10654 says: what has been your biggest achievement according to you?

Nick_Carter: Probably, being able to have success in general.

Nick_Carter: Being able to also have generous fans, loving people around the world like all of you there to support us!

guest-whitezooger0 says: What is your fave song to perform live?

Nick_Carter: Probably, :Larger than Life" and I also like to perform "Noone Else comes close" and "Spanish Eyes"...I love to perform "Spanish Eyes."

guest-CWzoog says: If you could proform with anyone who would it be?

Nick_Carter: Jimmy Buffet.

Nick_Carter: or Journey.

guest-ChristineZoog says: How many years have you guys been together?

Nick_Carter: Six and a couple of months now.

guest-lczooger1 says: Backstreet Boys you rock what advice do you have for upcoming stars or people that want to be singers.

Nick_Carter: Go for it!

Nick_Carter: Three keys to success.

Nick_Carter: Being real, being happy in what you do, and to realize that it is not easy.

guest-N2lance136 says: so what is your most embarrassing moment?

Nick_Carter: Most embarrassing moment would have be...we were performing and my left thing didn't work where I was supposed to fly and

Nick_Carter: I was supposed to come in with the dancers at a different angle and I had to wear a dancers suit

Nick_Carter: As I tried to get off the suit to perform, my shoes got caught in the suit so, I decided to take my shoes off.

Nick_Carter: As I climbed up the ramp to go to the center of the stage, I found out a little too late that It was slippery so,

Nick_Carter: on the way down, I almost fell and hurt myself.

Nick_Carter: It was pretty embarrassing being the fact that George Lucas was in the audience.

Mclean28 says: how many tatoos does aj have and of what?

Nick_Carter: AJ has now 11.

Nick_Carter: And I do not know exactly what they all are. You would have to ask him.

Nicks_Soul_Mate says: Hi Nick! My name is Tc and I hear that you and the other BsB are involved with chairty you guys do as much charity work as possible?

Nick_Carter: It is an important part of life.

Nick_Carter: Charity is not for oneself but for someone else.

Nick_Carter: And if we can help other peoples lives by doing or donating and by also being in this position that we are in right now, its very important to us.

guest-Aquamarine10 says: what advice do u have to give to a young group of three starting out???

Nick_Carter: Pretty much what I had written before but, what another thing I would tell them is to never give up for there are so many people on this planet that lose hope to soon in their lives and

Nick_Carter: later on realize that if they would have given it that extra push they could have done something that they would have really wanted to do.

Nick_Carter: And that stands for everything in life.

heidiandsam says: My two daughters, Eli and Andy, are your biggest fans and listen to you all the time on Radio Disney! Can you say hi to them -- it would make them scream all the way home on the plane from Disneyland (where we are right now)!

Nick_Carter: HI!

Nick_Carter: To Eli and Andy.

Nick_Carter: I hope you are coming to see our concert.

Nick_Carter: Cuz I want to see you too.


Nick_Carter: It was a very special moment in our lives being the fact that we were able to reach out to so many fans with the help of Disney.

Nick_Carter: To make so many people happy.

guest-TheLovelyGoddess says: Do you like rollercoasters?

Nick_Carter: I HATE roller coasters.

Nick_Carter: Hate is the wrong word to use.

Nick_Carter: I would have to say certain roller coasters....the big scary ones!

guest-Bankah5 says: Nick, How do you feel about Aaron being in the buisiness? Do you encourage him or are you worried about him stealing your thunder?

Nick_Carter: First of all, I am not worried, If he was to steal my thunder, if I have any thunder...they deserve it...anybody whosays he is going to steal my me, it is a part of life and

Nick_Carter: I wish everybody well in what they are doing.

Nick_Carter: My brother is very talented and he deserves all the success he can get.

guest-FHCfaith1503 says: Are you a good bowler????

Nick_Carter: NO.

Nick_Carter: Hey, I will be honest.

coolchick19 says: how do you decide who sings which part?

Nick_Carter: I guess it is kinda a feel thing...depending on how the song sounds.

Nick_Carter: We listen to it and whoever soounds best on the part.

Nick_Carter: SOmetimes, if a person is stealing the song more that someone else, then they will sing it.

guest-microchip says: Where did you learn those dance moves? Who taught you?

Nick_Carter: First of all, I can't dance...I consider myself a terrible dancer.

Nick_Carter: So, in my case, practice makes good...not better...or perfect.

Nick_Carter: Lots of practice.

MystryLady82 says: Nick - first of all, I'm sooo happy to get to talk to you. My question is this....when "I Want It That Way" was first released, the words were different. Why was the song changed from it starting out "I'm yours completely la la la la"?

Nick_Carter: Very interesting.

Nick_Carter: that was a conflict with our record company.

Nick_Carter: Kinda like wrong copies of a video game that are pulled off the shelf...I think it is funny.

Nick_Carter: But, hey sometimes things like that happen.

guest-lilly_l says: I love you guys!!! i wanna ask if you like us the fans!!

Nick_Carter: Well, let me think...

Nick_Carter: OF COURSE, are you crazy.

Nick_Carter: Like is not the word!

Nick_Carter: LOVE completes everything.

guest-brokberokinmybod says: nick, baby, is it true that you and the guys are doing a song with mariah carey?

Nick_Carter: Sometimes it is funny how you guys find out things that we haven't even discussed yet but,

Nick_Carter: It was an option.

Nick_Carter: We were just really busy.

guest-BriansBabeLiz919 says: How do you guys handle having every aspect of your life examined under a magnifying glass?

Nick_Carter: I don't know whether or not that is true.

Nick_Carter: I feel as if, even though, we have been put in the spotlight, it hasn't been utilized.

Nick_Carter: to the point of being examined under a magnifying glass.

guest-SportySpice says: Do you call your parents very often while you are touring?

Nick_Carter: Of course!

Nick_Carter: They are very important to me!

guest-Sorbetbee says: Is it true that you have 2 tattoos?

Nick_Carter: I don't know.

Nick_Carter: Is it true?

Nick_Carter: ::laughs:::

guest-daydreamer_2002 says: Hi Nick, I was wondering what is your schedule like?

Nick_Carter: You don't want to know!

guest-Zaomi_k says: Nick, do you ever plan on going to college?

Nick_Carter: I would love to go to college to play basketball.

guest-bsb_1_fan_4_life says: Hey! I love you guys! I have more than 1,500 pics. Do you take singing lessons or do you naturally have a great voice???

Nick_Carter: To be honest, I took singing lessons when I was younger but, alot of it comes from oneself.

Nick_Carter: I guess it did help me improve what I had.

guest-hott4rocaz says: Nick, is Brian as nice as he seems?

Nick_Carter: Of course!

Nick_Carter: He is very kind hearted,. sensitive person.

Nick_Carter: And trustworthy.

guest-jorva58 says: Have you more brothers? Rocío de Argentina

Nick_Carter: Just Aaron.

guest-zoogerbaby128 says: who Is the weirdest person of the group?

Nick_Carter: Probably AJ.

guest-Fracksgirl19933 says: I love u Nick! What is the hardest dance routine for u to do?

Nick_Carter: They choreography in "We've Got It Going On".

Nick_Carter: Because of the way we sing and dance.

guest-ZebbieO0 says: why did you get your hair braided?

Nick_Carter: It lasted for 3 days and it was an in and out thing.

Nick_Carter: But, if you want to know why, I don't really know myself.

guest-zupzap says: Hey Nick ,out of your group who get the most blame or gets picked on the most?

Nick_Carter: I still do!

Nick_Carter: I guess it will just never end.

guest-BSB409 says: How has you life changed ever since you have become known worldwide?

Nick_Carter: I guess, it is hard to get a cheese burger.

Nick_Carter: ::laughs:::

Nick_Carter: Well, just things aren't really that different.

Nick_Carter: It is just when you go out to certain places when you don't want to be ends up that you get noticed.

Nick_Carter: But, it is's alot of love.

Nick_Carter: And who doesn't like love?

guest-Witchiepoo56 says: I heard that Brian was having a hard time recently with his heart, but do you know if he's OK?

Nick_Carter: I don't know what rumor that came from but, it is not true.

guest-BSB_Elise531 says: I've heard that Brian has the messiest room. What's it like compared to yours??

Nick_Carter: Brian doesn't have the messiest room...he actually has the cleanest room.

Nick_Carter: My room is the messiest.

guest-OkieKokie says: Hi. First, what's this about your solo albumn and also, can you please say hi to my 2 friends, Nicole and Sarah who are very upset that they're missing this?

Nick_Carter: Solo album...why would one want to do a solo album when you are having so much fun and success right now with this group.

Nick_Carter: The answer is we would all like to do something in the future when time is right.

guest-penny4646812 says: my little boy is handicapped and doesnt talk but he loves your music!!could you say hi to jimmy?

Nick_Carter: Hello Jimmy!

Nick_Carter: I hope that our music touches you.

Nick_Carter: The way that it touches us.

guest-valerynick says: can you speack spanish nick?

Nick_Carter: No.

guest-Jagger37 says: Nick, I LOOOOOVE YOU! Has your hair ever been died blue?

Nick_Carter: No.

guest-gabbey1620 says: which city is your favorite in europe?

Nick_Carter: Barcelona, Spain.

guest-ZunWave246 says: Hi! There are 2 of us. My name is britney and I am so in love with you!!!!!!!I am like about to hyperventilate!

Nick_Carter: Dont' do that over the computer....wait til we meet in person so, I can catch you if you fall.

guest-Sabry56 says: What's your favourite album and why?

Nick_Carter: Hmmmmmmm...That's a hard question because, I love so many albums.

Nick_Carter: But, I really like Chilly Peppers.

Nick_Carter: I also, really like the Journey...Times Three.

Nick_Carter: And I like the old Journey.

Nick_Carter: When Greg Rollie was the lead singer.

guest-FannylovesNick says: Basically I don't care which one you are you guys are pretty hot guys espicially Nick I love you.

Nick_Carter: I guess...thank you.

guest-oiculedareliuga says: when you will come to mexico?

Nick_Carter: Hopefully, very soon!

guest-BsBcRaZy1473 says: i was wondering if you guys really have time to get on the internet while your touring, or is imposters?

Nick_Carter: Yes, we get on the Internet sometimes but, most of the time there are imposters...I have come to find out myself.

guest-N2lance136 says: do any of you have a dream or plans if the music business doesn't work out?

Nick_Carter: So far, the music business is working out...if that is what you call it.

Nick_Carter: But, I think college is always in mind.

Nick_Carter: And being in the music business is always in mind.

Nick_Carter: You have to remember that I grew up and am growing up in this business. And I have learned everything in this business.

guest-Fricks_luver says: What' your fave rumor you'e heard about yourself?

Nick_Carter: Most of the rumors are not true...

Nick_Carter: I guess I can't think of any right now.

guest-seeker321 says: What's the best thing about being a BACKSTREET BOY??

Nick_Carter: The best thing about being a Backstreet Boy is touching so many people around the world and being able to see things that a lot of people dont' get to see.

Nick_Carter: To experience alot of thing that others dont' get to experience.

Nick_Carter: You can say that it is lessons....Believe me when I say that I don't let one day go by that I don't count my prayers and thank God for what I have right now.

guest-AJRules40 says: hi , my question is where did you shot the video?

Nick_Carter: In LAX airport.

guest-PamFerrara says: I listen to journey, what song is your fav?

Nick_Carter: Right now, a song called "Cookie Duster".

guest-tommygirl22075 says: I''m going to write this and you don't have to answer it.... My mom was very sick, she's diabetic and i had to drive her to the ER while i was in shock waiting in the family waiting room I heard "As long as you Love Me" and it made me think of my mom and how much I love her and that song has always since then meant a lot to me (that was the short version).

Nick_Carter: Those are part of the reasons why we love to do what we do.

guest-honeypea says: I love your smile and your personatly and so does my best friend who is in Germany she also loves your hands.

Nick_Carter: My hands? I have no clue what that means but, Thank you anyway.

guest-Montse says: Hi Nick, i'm a girl from Spain! My question is: why are you so cute??

Nick_Carter: I don't think I am cute.

Nick_Carter: I think I am a normal looking person.

guest-Buffy311193 says: How many dogs do you have, and what are their names?

Nick_Carter: I have six dogs.

Nick_Carter: Actually 5.

Nick_Carter: One is named Rocky, he is a Boxer.

Nick_Carter: I have 3 Pugs...One is female and 2 are Mikey and

Willie...acutally there are is Nicky (a female)..she is cross eyed and then I have Houston which is the other femail.

AndreaER418 says: What is your favorite memory of being a BSB?

Nick_Carter: Touring in the states when we did School tours.

Nick_Carter: We had so much fun because noone knew who we were but, we were still making people happy.

guest-baby_terese says: Nick, i love the disney concert of the Backstreet Boys, and did u guys spend a lot of time rehearsing for it?

Nick_Carter: Yes, we spent alot of time rehearsing for it and the Disney concert was very fun!

guest-Mandz151 says: How does it feel like when your on stage and you see all the fans screaming for you?

Nick_Carter: It is very indescribable...sometimes you do not understand why some many people are screaming for no reason or..

Nick_Carter: if there is a reason...somebody please tell me!

guest-BSBecky20 says: What did you want to be before you became a singer?

Nick_Carter: Honestly, I wanted to be in the Army.

Nick_Carter: But, then traveling around the World and seeing so many things happening and so many countries, I figured one less person at least now, cause and destruction would be good for the Planet.

guest-LALYS says: What kind of expectation or prediction do you have for some future of the group ?

Nick_Carter: I see this grouop going for a very long time...honestly.

Nick_Carter: I think one think that we have in our corner, is a passion unlike any other.

Nick_Carter: Also, our love for one another...I think as long as we comunicate and realize that not only do we have dreams within this grouop but, we also have dreams outside of the group .

Nick_Carter: As long as we realize that...for each other that would be the key for us to stay together.

Zoogerator: WELL, Nick Carter.....thanks so much for joining us today here online! any farewell greetings to your fans online?

Nick_Carter: I appreciate you using your fingers to communicate...

Nick_Carter: Showing your love through the machine...I cannot express how much it means to us and

Nick_Carter: I am looking forward to seeing everyone of your lovely faces in our concerts in America and all over the World.

Zoogerator: That was well put! Thanks again for joining us here today!

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