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Jive Says Backstreet Boys Are Still On Label

Backstreet Boys are still signed to Jive, according to a label spokesperson. Responding to yesterday's Billboard Online story, in which attorneys for Backstreet Boys' contend that the act is no longer on the imprint, the spokesperson says, "Backstreet Boys are signed to a long-term, exclusive recording agreement with Jive Records."

The retort is the latest chapter in the legal battle between Jive and the multiplatinum band. Earlier, attorneys for Backstreet Boys sent a letter to Jive Records founder Clive Calder, claiming the label was in breach of contract.

Backstreet Boys are understood to be upset by the recent announcement that fellow boy-band 'N Sync will be joining them on the Jive roster, which is also home to Britney Spears. The Boys reportedly left their management company last year in part because their managers represented 'N Sync as well.

-- Melinda Newman, L.A.

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