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Backstreet Boys headed back to studio

Look for the Backstreet Boys to return to the studio and the road next year, now that the group's dispute with Jive Records is over. You might recall that the group's lawyers sent a letter to Jive Records co-founder Clive Calder in October, claiming the label was in breach of contract and, therefore, the multi-platinum act was no longer on the label. Somehow, just somehow, everyone managed to kiss and make up with Jive, apologizing in the form of a multimillion-dollar renegotiation. According to sources, the band has been guaranteed close to $60 million for its next two albums, the first of which will come out in fall 2000. The deal also includes an option for another three records, for which they would receive $30 million. The group has also renegotiated its royalty rate for more than 20 percent. The act's management declined comment; Jive issued a statement that did not confirm the dollar figures but mentioned that the new deal includes "several innovative Internet ventures, sponsorship deals, and close cooperation of the marketing, licensing, and other commercial exploitation of the group's recordings." A Jive representative declined to comment beyond the press release. (BPI)

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