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Burger King Does It the Backstreet Way

Move over, Whopper, you might soon be replaced by a Backstreet Burger.

A mere month after wrapping an übersuccessful Pokémon promotion, Burger King has inked a deal with the teenybopping heartthrobs in the Backstreet Boys.

Screaming teens nationwide will have it their way in August and September when the fast-food bistro will offer a new Backstreet CD, featuring an advance single from the group's October 2000 album, and a video that won't be available anywhere else. BK will also be the exclusive sponsors of the group's fall Y2K tour.

We can hear the Golden Arches grimacing now.

"We are always looking for exciting, innovative entertainment tie-ins that will delight our customers each and every day. The Backstreet Boys deliver on all fronts," boasts BK spokesman Richard Taylor. "Since they are the No. 1 group in the world, we are thrilled to bring the Backstreet Boys music to our customers."

"We are excited about teaming with Burger King for this promotion," the Millennium boy band says in a statement. "This offers us an opportunity to be associated with the only fast food brand that lets our fans 'have it their way.' "

The preteen set had it their way in December with the Pokémon promotion, which bumped sales up 30 percent from last year. Some 8,000 U.S. Burger Kings sold 1,000 Kids Meals a day. Sales were so hot for the Pokémon: The First Movie collectible toys that stores ran out of inventory and the fast-food chain had to run several newspaper ads announcing when restaurants would be restocked with Pikachu playthings.

Of course, the Backstreet Boys aren't exactly the first boy band to score a fast food contract. That title goes to the Meaty Cheesy Boys, the tongue-in-cheek, burger-lovin' fivesome that plugs Jack in the Box restaurants. EJ, TK, JT, the other EJ and TJ rock to hits like "No Burger, No Love" and "It Just Isn't A Party Without Meat and Cheese" on a series of spoof commercials for the West Coast burger joint. They've even spawned a Website (

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