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Backstreet Wedding Bells!

Cupid wreaked havoc on the Backstreet Boys this Valentine's week.

Backstreeters Kevin Richardson and Brian Littrell have confirmed to MTV that they're both engaged to be married.

A nation of teen girls mourns.

Kevin, 27, tells the music channel that he got engaged on V-Day to his longtime (and unnamed) gal-pal. "[We've been together] seven years, off and on. We've been through a lot together, but she knew me when I was a Ninja Turtle. I met her in the cafeteria at Walt Disney World. We were both working there. She was a dancer. She's been on Broadway, done lots of things...

"Being in the business, she definitely has an appreciation for it. I mean, I'm not necessarily gonna say that you need somebody in the business, but you need somebody that can understand a lot."

His cousin Brian (who turns 25 on Sunday) also dropped the marriage bomb to MTV, saying, "There's a right time for everything, I guess...It's kind of like the jumpstart on getting on with life, so I'm looking forward to it."

Neither Boy would give up the name of his honey (fan sites say Littrell's betrothed is actress Leighanne Wallace and Richardson's, Kristin Willits), but a look at the official BSB Website reveals what each looks for in his "ideal lady."

Brian describes his dream babe thusly: "Eyes are very appealing to me. I also like somebody who is interested in a career for themselves and can treat me like a normal person." (The site also lets us know that his favorite color is midnight blue, his fave food is macaroni and cheese, and he is afraid of heights.)

As for Kevin, he's "attracted to girls who accept him as he is." (His favorite foreign country is Sweden, and, like his cousin, he is a big fan of blue.)

The Boys were also mum on when the actual aisle-walking would take place, but the ceremonies don't figure to go down anytime soon. The Boys have been plenty busy of late--kicking off the new leg of their sold-out tour last Friday, announcing a new Backstreet comic book and preparing for next week's Grammys, for which they're up for four awards, including Album of the Year for the megaselling Millennium--and they won't have any real time off for months.

For the record, girls, the three other Backstreeters--AJ McLean, Howie D. Dorough and Nick Carter--are still available.

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