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Elton & his boys!

What was Elton John on at the Grammys last Wednesday night?!! He was at the glitzy event picking up his Lifetime Achievement Award and completely slagged off the whole ceremony!

He then came out with this gem: "Iíve slept with all the boy bands. I know them all! TLC, the Dixie Chicks, I donít know nothing about them!", he said. "The Backstreet Boys - those boys can sing their arse off. Theyíre brilliant. Everyone slags them off. Those boys can sing, they have my ultimate respect. Those boys are ****ing great."

And he certainly wasn't mincing his words. It's the first time he's been awarded anything at the ceremony, in all his 35 years in showbiz. Whilst he says he was happy to accept his ĎLegendí gong, he didnít sound too happy about the event itself: "It doesn't really mean a thing, does it? Y'know, it's kind of bull**** this show. It's very nice to get this award, but I still feel that these shows sometimes are full of bull****."

The winners included many members of the grey hair brigade - Santana, Sting and Phil Collins. Well done, though, to TLC, who won three awards, and Eminem got two for Best Rap Album and Best Rap Solo Performance. But the one everyone's talking about is that Christina beat Britney for Best New Artist.

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