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This is the very FIRST review I ever got. Thanks!!!!

I saw BSB for the first time on June 13th at Birmingham NEC in Birmingham, England. It was an incredible show!!! It probably helped that I was third row! I got some great pictures and I'll send some to you as soon as I get some on disk.
The show started at 8pm with Tatyana Ali doing a 20 minute set. She was really cool. then the guys came out at around 9pm to do a 2 hour set. The the show started with the Star Wars theme music and their dancers marching through the crowd and onto the petagon shaped stage with these poles with flame looking tops and placed them on each corner of the stage. The the guys came onto the stage by flying over the crowd on these skate board things. The opening song was "Larger Than Life". Then they went straight into "Get Down", "As long as you Love me", "Don't Wanna lose you now". Then the next song was "Quit playin' games", for this they faked singing the song and mixed up Nick and Brian's part, then sped up the tempo and each got in harnesses on each corner of the stage and flew above the crowd singing a very fast version of "Quit Playin' Games"."Don't Wanna lose you Now" was the next song they sang. The following song was "Don't want you Back" in this song (WOW!) they each had their own pole type ladder thing on each corner of the stage. On my side I had Kevin on my right and Nick on my left. Nick was girating like crazy against his pole and climbing up and down it during the chorus - and I must say he did a great job of it. In my opinion he's one of the best dancers of the group. Then when he sang "Sexuality" in the first verse of the song he did some pretty good girating against one of the female dancers - WOW!!! For "Perfect Fan" (which followed) they got 5 sets of mothers and daughters up on stage and serenaded them. Then Kevin went to get ready to play piano for "Back to your heart" and the others sat down on the side of the stage I was on and talked to the crowd about their favorite songs on the album. Then they sang the song. Then they took a break and their dancers came out from the middle of the stage in ripped white outfits for "Everybody" - then the guys came out singing the beginning of a medley of "Everybody", "We've got it Goin' on" and "That's the way I Like it". The dance for "That's the way I like it" was awesome - it was the guys singing to the female dancers and acting out what they were singing - it's difficult to explain. Then they changed into pink suits and came out to sing a medley of "I'll Never Break your Heart" and "No one Else Comes Close". Then they did "All I Have to Give" with the whole hat routine and everthing - like they did on Billboard awards only they did the whole song with all of the guys parts. Then they sang "Show me the Meaning" and Howie dedicated it to Denniz Pop at the beginning of the song. They then changed clothes again (they did this like 5-8 times through the concert) and came out to sing "It's gotta be You" and "The One" for an encore. Then they went off again and were called back out for a final encore and sang "I Want it That Way". During this song AJ jumped off the stage to touch some of the crowd's hands. After they said their good byes and thanks and went off again we called them back on and they did another couple of chorus' of "I Want it That Way" then went off for good. During the cocert they had fire blazing and fire works and stuff - I just can't remember where in the concert. On the whole it was the best concert I've ever been to and I've been to a lot of concerts including Janet Jackson's 'Velvet Rope Tour' and they put her concert to shame in my opinion. Of course I could be a little biased seeing as BSB are my favorite band.
Well, that's my concert review. I hope everyone who goes to a BSB concert has as good of a time as I had.
This was sent to me by someone-she didn't want me to use her name or email.

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