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Boys will be boys
Teary-eyed screaming fans greet the Backstreet Boys

By SHELLY DECKER -- Edmonton Sun

EDMONTON -- They screamed and screamed and screamed.
Did I mention that they screamed?
A massive sea of pre-pubescent females descended on Commonwealth Stadium to hear the fab five from Florida who have stolen their hearts.
With the ceaseless roar of their heartfelt shrieks and declarations of undying love for the Backstreet Boys, one's not sure just how much was really heard, but the girls seemed thrilled with the night.
Love was in the air as the boys performed their highly choreographed gig and the yells could surely be heard for kilometres when they unleashed their hit, Quit Playing Games (With My Heart).
Thousands of screams - like it ever stopped - rose a decibel as each Backstreet Boy greeted the crowd, which was mainly female.
But it was action these girls wanted. And the Boys - Howie D., A.J., Nick, Kevin and Brian - didn't disappoint with a packaged performance that boasted high-tech fireworks and even a tossing out of roses by Howie (sparking a rush by the fans).
Not bothering to tout instruments through much of the concert, these guys are all about groovin'.
With hip-gyrating moves, the Boys shook their bodies much to the delight of the delirious, fresh-faced audience.
The squeals escalated when a few of these hunky guys decided to ditch their dusty rose jackets and reveal buff chests (maybe there's something to this group after all).
"This is the best night of my life!'' gushed Sherry Teske, 12, who bought two $35 T-shirts.
"I love them,'' declared friend Colleen Alexandrovich, 15, as she jumped up and down.
Their comments echoed the crowd's attitude as they cheered on this clean-cut group.
Flowers and stuffed bears flew on to the stage. Thousands of adoring fans also came armed with disposable cameras that they snapped away.
Dressed in groovy outfits - some looked suspiciously similar to spacesuits - they went through several costume changes through the night.
While I found their tunes too poppish and bland, that clearly wasn't the impression of the fans.
Brian won the hearts and sparked a few tears when he dragged out an acoustic guitar and sang That's What She Said.
The dancin' and music started with 10-year-old Aaron Carter, little brother of Nick. Along with two dancers, this tiny blond dynamo took to the stage in a 15-minute pop performance that had the girls screaming, especially with Crush On You.
"You guys are No. 1,'' he told the crowd of 22,000.

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